Monday, May 20, 2013


After traveling around the entirety of the world, the Cunninghams are excited to announce a return to internet service. We will resume blogging shortly.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chi Town

We had the best time bringing in the fall with a trip to Chicago for our dear friends, Dave and Maria's wedding. I know that you would expect Chicago to be a little cooler than the 97-100+ weather have been having here, but it was relatively the same... So don't let my scarves fool you! It was HOT! 

Craig and I definitely needed a few days to refresh. We spent the majority of the time n the quaint town of Lake Forest, IL. We rented a little compact car....nicer than anything we drive, and drove into the city every day. We walked for hours each day, trying to soak in everything we could in this awesome city. It was incredibly diverse with the beach on Lake Michigan, countless museums, so much history, pizza and hotdogs, and art at every turn (the bean!!). 

We got to spend time with very special and encouraging people in our lives, and even made new friends. We also hung out around Wrigleyville with my old neighbor and lifetime friend, Chris Oladipo!!


   The One and Only!

                Rehearsal Party on Lake Michigan

          We LOVED brunch and walking around Lake Forest. So cute!!!
    We now know somewhat of how a Canadian wedding goes... :) Maria was such a beautiful bride!

Chicago sights

                                          We got a tour of the city from Chris!!!

             Home Alone anyone??


I absolutely LOVE giraffes. They are amazing. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


"Shalom is a Hebrew word, so much richer in its range of meanings than the English word 'peace,' which usually refers to the absence of outward conflict or inner calm. The concept of Shalom includes these ideas. It goes beyond them, meaning 'wholeness,' 'completeness,' 'finished word,' 'perfection,' 'safety,' or 'wellness.'  Shalom comes from living in perfect harmony with God. The fruit of that harmony is harmony with others, prosperity, health, satisfaction, soundness, wholeness and well-being." Anne Spangler 

Loving this. God is the source of all peace.

Monday, August 20, 2012

August Update

 Wow. We just about skipped through July and August, didn't we? Our weeks have been hard working, boot camps, and hearty dinners while our weekends have been filled with friends, family, and sunshine!   It has been so delightful!! So everyone knows I love animals. I even volunteered at the Austin Zoo for a few months when we moved here, which was JUST LIKE the movie "We Bought a Zoo." Haha it was a little dream come true/a lot of dirty work, but I liked it. Anyways, we got to go with Beth and Dust to some of their friends land and see all of the animals that they take care of and wanted to share a few pictures...

So we also got to help keep our sweet nephew. We danced, played with dogs, looked for Lizards and made tons of animal noises. It's been so awesome to watch him grow, learn new words, and laugh at anything and everything. Of course they have incredible parents that help make him who he is :)

The girls got to get together for a Beth Moore conference, Clay came to visit after doing Camp Gladiator Kids, went to Dallas for TBP Concert and we got the best visitor EVER...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This week is the BEST week of the summer for FBC Woodway youth group by far. It's funny to think that we haven't been in a few years after going for around nine! Craig and I have spent countless camps as Sondays campers and it has changed our lives. I told him I loved him at Sondays camp... a huge risk and waaay too early looking back on it now, but things worked out well! We heard incredible teachers and worshiped with amazing leaders. Our friendships deepened. We couldn't get enough. Craig and I both worked for Bob and went as counselors. We went several years with our discipleship groups. This week is special, no doubt. The devotionals, dance parties, and midnight masses all played an intricate role in the Lord molding and transforming us into who we are today. So grateful for this week!


First Sondays Camp of us dating! 
Ahh... the memories!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The 6 'S' fears

So we hosted a small group game night tonight and got to play one of our favorite games, Nertz. Before the intense card playing started, we were just casually visiting when one of our friends decided to show us pictures of a HUMONGOUS spider and a copperhead snake that he killed just this weekend! Like literally had to run over the spider with his car to kill it it was so big so I HAD to tell a hilarious story of my mom's recent encounter with a wolf spider. All this talk validated my top 6 'S' fears, which are things that I most fear in the whole universe that happen to all start with the letter 'S': 1- Snakes (nightmares about these guys) 2- Spiders (even little ones make me scream!) 3- Sea (I won't go in past my shins) 4- Space (as in outer-space. I dont believe in aliens, but they could get me out there) 5- Scorpions (I already attacked one with a golf club this year...) 6- Sharks ('shark week' is the worst week)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


July is certainly in full swing. Craig has been writing a movie script, Kayleigh is in her 2nd month of working with hospice and we have been having so much fun and wanted to share some pictures of this hot month!

Great view of July 4th fireworks with William Reid the 4th


We went to a Round Rock Express game, Craig tried some Warby Parker glasses, and we had some great food with an amazing Austin view at County Line BBQ with the Roush's!                                                                                                    


 We had another turkey fiasco when our power kept going out... pretty sure it melted- plastic and all! Kayleigh found out how to use a few of her fun apps on the iphone like ScoutMob where you can take a fun mustache picture and find good deals on local restaurants, etc.

 We enjoyed Lady Bird Lake paddle boarding with Jamie, Nathan and Bethany. Well, the Jennings canoed due to the baby J coming soon!